WholeCut derby shoes Ft. Ivrah

A well dressed gentleman always keeps his shoes refined & shined. Shoes can make an outfit complete. Do you want to look sharp, suave and have that perfect pair of shoes? Let’s talk about WholeCut leather shoes from Ivrah official.

Exquisitely crafted.

You will expect these words when you are spotted wearing a pair of WholeCut leather shoes. These shoes showcases it’s pure class through sharpness & shiny smooth surface. You can ensemble these pair of shoes for your entire day schedule. They go well with any outfit i.e., office wear, party wear and even casual Friday.

Ivrah official was founded by two brother with one aim i.e, to give the best product at reasonable price. Ivrah means – “a natural genius” and indeed they have handcrafted and hand painted the shoes with utmost attention.

Features of WholeCut leather shoes-

WholeCut Oxford shoes are manufactured from a single piece of leather which gives it a classy touch. The shaper chisel toe on WholeCuts gives it a sharper edgy look which makes you look more sauve. The bump on toe differentiates it from the other shoes.

WholeCut shoes are highly versatile shoes. You can pair them with a formal suit or with a pair of jeans and shirt. You can see in the images below how I paired the shoes from Ivrah official in different outfits.
Understand elegance- that’s the beauty of this shoe style. The minimalist design adds to the aesthetic of the shoes & sophistication to any outfit. The leather used by Ivrah official is 100% genuine leather and is hand- painted & handcrafted.

The WholeCut William woodtouch derby shoes from Ivrah are customisable i.e, you can engraved your name on the shoe.

WholeCut shoes are easy to maintain as they are made from one leather with less stitching which helps them absorbing the polish better and shine the best. They always take the shape of your foot and you can carry it with comfort to places.

Here are some looks which I created with this WholeCut William woodtouch derby shoes from Ivrah.



The key for all the above outfits is how well you dwell with the colors. As you can see I have curated both formal and casual look for the Wholecut shoe.

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