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We make sacrifices for our people, we always do, in little things, when they don’t even ask for it, whether it’s giving up the last piece of pizza or working late. If we can make a sacrifice without someone’s asking for it, why we wait for someone to reward us. Why don’t we reward ourselves for all the hard work and sacrifice that we make? We wake up, get ready, go for work, we put our blood and sweat in it. Sometimes running in our busy life we forget that we have a life. Stop running! Take a step back, hold for a moment and celebrate your courage. To reward your courage I  present you some exclusive collections from “ZOBELLO” which includes a shirt, bag and plimsoll shoes, to give your courage a classy and trendy touch.


  1. Gingham Check Italian Linen Shirt

After working a long week, there comes the weekend. Where we get to meet our friends, time to do some fun, Grab a beer and relax!  So we start with picking up an outfit and we get stuck on our regular casuals. It’s weekend, no office, no serious business and specially no formals. It’s time to experiment, to try something new that fits your style. To enhance your look and style,  ZOBELLO brings you ‘gingham check Italian linen shirt’, a perfect shirt for a perfect weekend.

The check design on shirt is made with two prominent colors navy blue and pink. On the pink base light blue stripes are running all over the shirt horizontally and vertically, the intersecting points creates a block of dark navy blue color. An amazing combination which sends a vibe of diversity in your personality, as Pink symbolizes simplicity and the commanding navy blue portrays dignity. This amazing shirt can be paired with Chinos, shorts and jeans.  Accessorizing it with a fitness band and blue Aviator will go hand in hand with this shirt and for completing this look you can always use a pair of sneakers.


  1. Faux Leather Urban Plimsolls

Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit and it is important to complete a look with the perfect pair! When it comes to casual footwear keeping it a little light and a little bright is the best way to go. We wear formal shoes most of the time during the week. Its weekend, give your foot and formal shoes a rest. Grab a light, casual and comfortable pairs of sneakers. A pair can be worn anywhere to the park, beaches, anywhere in the City. Although when it comes to a casual footwear I am kind of choosy, I always try to pick a pair that matches my jeans, shorts and even my formal pants, ZOBELLO faux leather urban plimsolls is a great option for you.

The shoe comes in a light brown shade with a white sole and a dark brown lace. It’s very comfortable and light in wearing.  This is a pair of sneakers for every man. Pair it up with the track pant, formal trousers and even with the tuxedo. Its super light and comfortable and can be worn up for a long time if taken care of. Here I have paired the plimsolls with a white shirt and a white formal denim to show that the shoes matches even with the simplest of the color combination and it will match with any other color combination you desire too.


  1. Hybrid Travel Canvas Backpack

A perfect gentleman loves to travel in style weather it’s his outfit, shoes or accessories. The only one thing that he needs to complete his mission for the weekend is a very big nice bag that holds all his gears. That’s why ZOBELLO has created a perfect duffel bag that induces a sense of Style and comfort that most men look for when heading to make new memories. We all love to travel in weekends but you want to travel light and to make our weekend light ‘ZOBELLO hybrid travel Canvas backpack’ is the best option.

It comes in a chocolate brown color and it goes with any kind of outfit. The material used to construct this duffel bag cum back pack is durable lightweight Canvas and faux leather with cushion adjusted shoulder straps which takes a great care of your shoulder. It consists of two side open pockets, one front zipper pocket and a sizable main compartment. For better holding grip it comes with two holding hands and it gives you a black hidden pocket to keep your valuables safe inside the duffel bag.

We go to the gym because we want to look good. The duffel bag will add style to your good looks. It’s so spacious you can add your entire Gym accessories in it and it’s so strong and durable, so you can carry it comfortably. It also provides enough space for books, notebooks and instruments. The chocolate brown color makes it an all-round bag suitable for every environment whether its college, gym or a weekend tour.

I am in love with their collection and even you should check it at

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Written by- Rishav Mishra.

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