No Show Socks! F.T. Balenzia!

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There is a scientific study that shows if you stand in a superhero pose for just 5 minutes before a job interview, a big presentation or a really hard task you will not only feel more confident , you will perform measurably better. To remind us there is a superhero in each one of us & “BALENZIA” has launched a unique collection of superhero no show socks, which keeps reminding us about our hidden superpowers. Every boy once wanted to be a superhero, have super powers, and kick off the bad guys, to save the world and specially to change the world. “BALENZIA” no show socks also reminds us about our childhood memories and gives a chance to live our childhood once again. The collection consists of Justice League men’s no show socks with anti-slip silicone and a super cool print of Superman, Batman, Flash and Green lantern logo.










I feel that no show socks serve a practical purpose as they don’t sacrifice design for comfort. A good pair can be used with different types of footwear so you don’t have to worry too much about getting the right one. If you have a sensitive skin it can be practical to wear shoes such as loafers and plimsolls without socks. In a warm weather if you skip socks and wear loafers or sneakers, 99.99% chances are you’re inviting germs, blisters and even sweat stains in your shoes and a nasty smell that won’t leave. That makes a no show socks an essential.


Gentlemen it’s high time to uplift your “game of toes”



I walk around like everything is fine, But down deep inside . . . . inside my shoe . . . . my socks is sliding off . . . .haha. The best part of the BALENZIA no show socks are that they are made with anti-slip silicone which keeps the socks in its right place and don’t allow to slip and maintains all day comfort. It has been given Y heal design for a better fit. It’s made up of ultra-breathable 100% cotton and is extremely discreet stays hidden in your shoes.  It comes in 3 different prints and colors. The black socks comes with a Batman logo, green socks with a Green Lantern logo, Red socks comes with Flash logo and a blue socks with Superman logo.




I have worn these socks practically everywhere in gym, while jogging, whether hanging out with friends, or going for a trekking it has passed all the tests. These socks are best to protect your feet at home during winters as for those of us who avoid wearing shoes or slippers and likes to walk bare foot at home. The most eminent feature of the socks are when you remove your shoes and show them off, the beautiful skin tight fit sticking to the landscape of your toes.  And most importantly the colorful logo pops out the superhero feel in it and one of the perks is you are the only superhero around.

I am in love with their collection and even you should check it at

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Written by- Rishav Mishra.

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