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Sometimes the key to make progress is to recognize how to take that very first step. Then you start your journey. You hope for the best and you stick with it, day in and day out. Even if you’re tired, even if you want to walk away. You don’t. Because you are a Pioneer. But nobody ever said it would be easy. To salute your heroic courage “IMYOUNG” has launched casual and semi formal menswear to support and make your journey comfortable.

Selecting outfit for different occasions sometimes gets tricky and expensive. Every time we try to pick clothes that goes with formal as well as casual occasions, but what’s the reality does it reaches the equilibrium point? Think yourself. Purchasing outfit for every occasion is not a practical option especially when you are a college student or just have started working as a professional. Competition is tough and we have to make sure that we look as presentable as our work is. As looking presentable increases self-confidence and lightens up the environment whether its professional or casual. Taking all these points into consideration “IMYOUNG” has introduced a brand new collection of clothing line which includes Chinos, tank tops and anti-mosquito shirts.


Do you know, what’s the percentage of getting infected by dengue or malaria even in the clean and green environment of our country? Researchers have found during monsoon they see a 25% hike in Dengue Fever every year. As we all know that a dengue mosquito bites in daylight while we are going out for work, travelling, in office or hanging out with our friends. How do we protect ourselves? Few days ago it was a challenge and concern but now there is a brand which is not just taking care of your style and looks but also takes care of your health, it’s an initiative taken by “IMYOUNG” which has launched anti mosquito shirts in its whole new collection.

The collection has been made by insect repellent Technology containing, permethrin (0.52%) that repels mosquitoes, ants, ticks chiggers flies and midges. The secret to shield the insect is the use of special chemical called permethrin a synthetic version of naturally occurring chemical called pyre-thrum which is found in chrysanthemum flowers.

The dark blue color full sleeve Shirt with white stripes and if you have noticed comes with an elbow patch which makes it even more dramatic and gives it a royal touch. It can go with a light grey carrot fit jeans, the light shade of the genes enhances the bold and manly blue color of the shirt, and this combination is suitable for summers as well as any other season. As always watch and sun-glass are the accessories which compliment the look. The black Aviator are the right way to go with the shirt and the black strap watch completes the look. Make sure your shoes matches the shirt for that I used a blue and white sneakers to complete my look.

Link to the Shirt-

2. Cotton Chinos

Chino cloth has been very famous fabric used for making pants. Because they are simple, durable and comfortable at any occasions .That is why “IMYOUNG” has launched a fabulous pairs of Chinos in 4 different colors (Maroon, Purple, Olive green and Orange). Historically Chinos wear used for soldiers’ uniform so that they feel comfortable. What can we say in this competing world every day is a war. Keeping this in mind “IMYOUNG” Chinos are made up of 100% cotton to make you feel comfortable 24 X 7.

The “IMYOUNG” collection provides chinos that can be worn in office environment with a shirt as well as in an informal environment with a tank top. In this look I have paired these maroon color chinos with full sleeves white T-shirt which is something found in every man’s wardrobe. A white color shirt with dark color chinos gives a gravity full look. Adding a plane black strap watch compliments the pro look. And to complete the look I paired it with a white pair of sneakers. The strong dark color of the chinos enhances the gravity of the atmosphere where as the white shirt gives a simple, calm and soothing vibe to it.

3. Splash Print Vest

Tank tops are the coolest ever invention after the Big Bang Theory. In summer there are days when even half sleeves t-shirt are awful to wear. That’s when a tank top comes to our rescue. The collection also includes some very comfortable, colorful and trendy tank tops for casual and gym appearance.

Love is what you will get when wearing this “IMYOUNG” tank top and for that you don’t even have to use the amortentia portion. All the Harry Potter fans know what I am talking about. One can wear the tank tops in gym, outdoors with jeans Chinos trousers even you can wear them under a suit. They are all day wearable as they are made up of very strong and quality 100% cotton fabric.

Grey is the color of cloud covered sky of ash and of lead. The base grey color represents the strength of the clouds before the thunderstorm and the black spots print enhances the color of base and gives a soothing feel of winds before the rain. Here it has been paired with dark blue jeans accessorizing it with a simple locket and with a bracelet. The denim here used is a ripped jogger one to embrace the casual look of the tank top. To complement the look we have paid it with a white sneaker and with an Aviator shade.

I am in love with their collection and even you should check it at

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Written by- Rishav Mishra.

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