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Life is work, and working continuously makes life hectic no matter how much we love our work. Taking break from work as well as life is important. Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the care which will not withdraw from us. One can discover more about themselves in an hour of play then in a year of conversation. It’s said that there is a virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither. Your calm mind is the ultimate Weapon against your challenges. So to relax and loosen my nerves I had this perfect staycation at Rove Healthcare city, Rove Hotels, Dubai.

Rove Healthcare City is the perfect location for your leisure as well as work related stay. Its 10 minutes drive from the airport, 10-15 minutes’ walk from Oud Metha Metro Station and a minute away from American Hospital Bus Station. A short distance from Downtown Dubai and perfectly surrounded by serene environment. The surroundings around the hotel are pure bliss as it makes you feel close to the nature and keeps your soul happy. One thing I liked about the vicinity is that it’s clean and encircle by well maintained lawn in the front of the hotel.

Here’s my detailed experience staying at Rove Healthcare City,


The hospitality at Rove was top notch. I checked in way too early before my check in time and the hotel receptionists were too supportive and they greeted me well and helped me keep my bags in the locker room. On request, was given early check in.


I absolutely love the ambient and the creative energy through its interior design. Loved the stupendous wall of fame, artsy & imaginative. The couches were beautifully placed with proper positioning and vibrant colors that would please your eyes. The reception had this antique clock along with the wall which were beautifully decorated and textured.

















The rooms at Rove are 280 square feet big with automatic climate air condition. Along with this they have a 48-inch flat-screen TV, mini fridge, a secret vault, rain shower & a huge cupboard to keep your clothes. Bathroom was kept pretty neat and hygienic. N number of bottles of water provided without any extra charge and quick room service. Rooms were kept in neat and clean condition.

The rooms were well designed with great artsy walls and minimal details. Luckily I got the 11th floor which was the top floor and the view was damn appealing. There were designer bed with plush mattresses and soft pillows. The chair in the room was fold-able and could be used as a bed.


Well Well Well one of best breakfast I had in my life on a vacation. They had ample variety in breakfast which includes all healthy items and you shall see that in the YouTube video link below. They also had indoor Starbucks and Zoom convenience store to purchase your necessities.


The amenities at Rove included Swimming pool, Gymnasium, Laundry, Indoor games, prayer room, library, etc. Swimming pool was kept in clean condition and very relaxing start to your day at Rove. The gym was surely one of the best amenities they had because they covered all the equipment & it was hygienic too. They also had indoor games including table tennis, mini golf, mini basket ball & Foosball. Playroom was joyful as it had PS4, PAC-man and MacBooks to browse.

Just can’t stop roving my wonderful stay at Rove Hotels. Being a happy rover is indeed a blissful feeling and it’s said that “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling” & damn I could feel that.

Rove Healthcare city being a 3-star hotel provides services equal to a 5-star, also why not choose Rove when you can get luxury at affordable prices!

So planning for a Dubai trip? Rove Hotels should be your perfect choice for staycation!

Check the YouTube video for Rove Hotels here- https://youtu.be/XVbyz9NmV7g

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