Double monk strap Shoe Ft. Drish Shoes

An old saying says – “Good shoes take you good places”. Shoes are not just an accessory, they are apart of your body language, the way you walk. They are the one which gets noticed while you enter any place. There is nothing such as perfect outfit without a perfect pair of shoes.

The double monk has come a long way since it’s trendy inception around 8-10 years ago. Although popular today, the history goes down really deep. The double monk strap shoe found great popularity in Europe. The versatility of the double monk strap is second to none. It can be worn with different outfits and you can create looks which can be formal as well as party looks. Perfect for a meeting or a date with your lady.

How do you define the Double Monk strap?

The most noticeable feature is the lack of lacing. To replace that lace with dual strap givesit a classy look. The shoe resembles the Derby style shoe based on the upper quarters overlaying the tongue of the shoes.

The double monk from Drish is in dual tone which gives it a distinctive look. The cap toe gives it a classic look.

Color plays a major role when it comes to a double monk shoe. This monk-strap from Drish has both tones of brown and Blue. Both colors are often considered as the most classic combination and that makes the shoe more versatile. The great thing about brown shade is that you can wear it any environment and it is the same case with blue.

Styling– Here are some looks which I created with them.

1. Casual look– The colors used in this look are – Olive and Grey. The shirt is an olive green cotton paired with carrot fit denim. They are the colors which easily complement and dwell well with blue and brown tone. The look is completed with the dual tone double monk strap shoes from Drish and you can rock your casual outing.

2. Party look– In this look I have a used a white shirt, blue and white suspenders & blue denim. It’s always good to play around with blues and here I am using the lighter shade of blue than the shoe. Blues and whites can never go wrong and the combination can set any stage on fire.

3. Date look– Summers are here and don’t you think pastels are love ? This is a look which I created using pastel colors and making a style statement. A light pink round neck tee with a Pistachio color blazer. The combination was set to perfection with a Blue rugged denim. The combination of pastels with dual monk was just to show how versatile these dual tone shoes are.

Material – Leather is my ultimate top choice when it comes to double monk strap shoes. The leather used here is hand-finished with great craftsmanship and attention to detail.The hand-made leather sole and subtle shine on this shoe gives it a Royal look.The cushioned sock-pad kept my feet comfortable and fully leather-lined upper kept them fresh.

The key for all the above mentioned combinations is coordination and ensure that the color matches your body tone. This monk strap from Drish is a beautiful shoe and one of my personal favourites. It’s one shoe which I can wear anytime any day and on any occasion.

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