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Every choice we make creates our reality. Every choice we make creates the life we are currently living and it creates our future. If you are not happy with what you are creating ask yourself how did you created it . When we get that awareness, we have two choices. You can do judgement of it and destroy all possibilities of creating something different or you can ask a question like “what would I like to change about this? “And be different. Your choice creates the difference. To bring that different choice in your life, lets start with a small change in your looks and outfit.

1. Dark Night – Premium Black Superior Cotton Party Wear Shirt

India is a subtropical country which means most part of the country is subjected to humidity. The most ideal fabric for such a climate is cotton, it breathes meaning you’re less likely to overheat and thus over sweat. If you have a skin condition or if you have sensitive reactive skin, cotton can be a part of the solution. Keeping all the above points in the mind Evoqstyle brings a premium black superior cotton party wear shirt. This black color shirt has a very comfortable fitted curved hemline and has triple stitches detailing. When I gave this shirt a try I felt the strength in the stitches. The most amazing thing about this shirt is its breath-ability, you sweat less and feel comfortable all day long. The white stitches all over the shirt enhances the shape and striped inlays on collar, inside placket and cuffs gives an explicit touch to the shirt.

This shirt can be paired with denim jeans or chinos, which ever style suits you the best. I have accessorized it with a black strap watch and a pair of aviators. To match my entire look I picked up a casual brown tassel shoes to complete my look.

CLICK to Buy Dark Night – https://goo.gl/bWQ5Z2


2. Indigo Denim Shirt

Who doesn’t like the month of December? With the year ending and the many parties to attend. To make sure you look different but to you’re finest, to do so this season we bring you an Indigo Denim shirt. Indigo blue is a very powerful color and the denim is a commanding fabric. When these two mixes together it creates a powerful impact of personality on others towards the one wearing it. When I tried on the shirt I felt the vibe of strength that came with it. The dark indigo color gives a commanding vibe and the light blue patch in the front gives a soothing vibe to the eyes. The shirt is made up of 100% superior cotton for your comfort all day long.


I have paired this shirt with a white denim to make you understand its versatility. Again I have accessorized it with a pair of aviators and a black strap watch. But to complete my look I picked up a pair of Chelsea boots. The best features of these boots are they enhance the power of your outfit in a sophisticated way.


CLICK to Buy Indigo – https://goo.gl/4aP676


3. Le chocolate laptop sleeve


A protective laptop cover is a great way to extend your laptops life. It can help to protect your laptop and its contents against physical damage, help your laptop stay cool and even hold together. Gone are those days when you have to put your laptops in a bag and hold it on your shoulder like a school child. Lee chocolate laptop sleeves by Evoqstyle is a well-crafted and elegant master piece for your laptop.



The most important feature of the sleeves is it has been padded with cushioning for protection of your laptop. The sleeves contains side zip and a button pocket in the front to store your charger and Essentials. The bag can fit a laptop up to 15.5 inches. The chocolate color of the bag makes it match with any outfit you pick for the day. It is the most handy and comfortable laptop sleeves I have ever tried my hands on.

Click to Buy Sleeve- https://goo.gl/t7aaJF



Whether you’re actively into accessories or not, a wallet is the one thing everyone should have. And it’s worth getting a good one, too. It might feel like a small detail, but a messy wallet says a lot about a person. Being organized is a very essential habit.

It’s as essential as being hygienic, how a man organizes his wallet is also a very key factor which reflects about his personality. To help you assist in organizing your cash Evoqstyle brings a blue money clipper for a better and handy storage of your cash. It’s handy during your trips too.

Click to Buy Clipper- https://goo.gl/7nmHfG

As a fashion blogger I have to connect with many brands and I really believe in connecting with those brands whose products are really good and genuine and I am sure you are going to Evoqstyle and you will feel proud and confident in wearing their products.

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Vikram Soni.

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