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We are responsible for every action we take. Our Shoulder bears the responsibilities of our actions that are serious, heavy and challenging. Our shoulders take these responsibilities without any complain because they know our feet on which they are standing are strong enough to support, share the weight and still somehow manage to move forward. That’s why philosophers says it’s not important to always win or achieve, sometimes the recipe to survive is to put one step in front of the other and get through the day. Our foot maybe the most ignorant part of the body, but thank God they are strong enough to make us stand still like a rock in hard times. VAPH shoes understands the role of our foot that’s why they have made this amazing pair of shoes to protect our feet in style.

For men shoes are a style statement. There is a proverb if you want to know the character of a man see his shoes. I know the style, color and design are very important points of shoes, but somewhere for me when it comes to purchasing a shoe first and foremost priority is the comfort, it should fit me well and most important my feet should not feel jailed in it and I mean it literally. Morgan Cap – toe Oxfords fits in all my requirements. It’s comfortable, my feet feels free and light in it and specially the design and pattern gives a sweet, serious and competitive Vibe from me. It’s a kind of footwear that attracts attention towards the person who is wearing it.

The upper part of the shoe is made up of leather with soft leather lining. The design of the foot is kept narrow fit to make it look more formal or ceremonial. When I first saw these shoes I was seriously attracted to its color combination and was praying to God that it should be comfortable too and guess what these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put my foot into. The shoes are classy stylish and sophisticated perfect for formal occasion, casual after office party or any event. Talking about it sole you can feel its quality and strength when you wear it. These shoes are made for long run if taken care of.

To give you some idea I have paired these shoes with a purple color half sleeve Shirt with light blue formal pant accessorizing it with the black-burgundy  belt a perfect look for a business lunch which I was about to leave for. Burgundy is the color associated with royalty, magic & mystery. The combination of black in it makes it more Gravity full ethical and gives a serious look the color combination bring out the tycoon in you. As I always say white is the best option anyone can have in their wardrobe, white shirt paired with light blue formal pants and accessorizing it with a pair of glasses, a watch and combining it with the Morgan Cap-Toe Oxford shoes completes the look with the Panache. It’s a kind of show that gives a sophisticated look to the outfit and raises the standard of the person wearing it.

Also above are some more images of me styling it with different outfits.

As a fashion blogger I have to connect with many brands and I really believe in connecting with those brands whose products are really good and genuine and I am sure you are going to love these Vaph shoes and you will feel proud and confident in wearing them.

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Written by- Rishav Mishra.

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