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People say there are two types of men one those who are tiger, clean shaved, normal looking, satisfied with their life, like every other ordinary guy and then there comes lions with beards, long hair, always ready to hunt, take chances, explore. Life is a lion’s fight, so chin up. Put your shoulders back, Walk proud. Strut a little. Don’t lick your wounds. Celebrate them. The scar you bear are the sign of the competitor. I don’t say being ordinary is not good but standing out alone in the crowd need courage from the Lion’s heart. To bring out the Lion in you BEARDO provides grooming products for healthy beard and hair for men. Yes you heard it right for those men who wants to Roar like a lion, don’t shave and like their beards to grow, be strong, clean, healthy and in style. People give different reason for not growing beards, but for those men who don’t need any reason to grow beard, BEARDO brings different products for them.

  1. Beard Wash- The Classic

To keep our hair healthy and in style we cut, clean, condition and oil them. The same amount of respect and maintenance is required to keep a healthy, attractive and Stylish beard. But there is a difference in maintenance of beard and hair. Beards are softer and thinner then hair and it grows on our face. The area of our face is the most delicate part of our entire skin. It’s better to get a beard shampoo for our daily routine because unlike the regular shampoos it will manage rather than eliminate the oils that moisturizes your beards. The role of a beard shampoo is to wash away dirt while leaving and adding natural oils that keep your beard and skin healthy.

To protect the skin and beards from dirt, pollution, redness, acne and skin irritations BEARDO provides “the Classic beard wash” formulated to keep your beard and skin below it clean, soft and healthy. One just has to put some water on beards then take some of the Classic beard wash gently rub it on the beard for 30 to 40 seconds and give it a gentle wash. And finally the beard and the skin under it is clean, healthy and soft. It gives you a very cool feel and you can literally feel your beards have lighten up.


  1. Beardo Godfather Lite Beard & Mustache Oil

Beard and facial hair are trending. Men are going their beard and moustache because they have realized how much attention they get with this manly feature. Whether you want to experiment with the long, wild beard, a short careful groomed one or a stache, beard oil is your friend. Beard oil helps you grow a manly mane and keep it groomed for sophistication. Hair needs nutrition of oil to grow, to be strong and healthy irrespective of whether it grows on our head or on our face. Normal oils are great for hair and the skull because the skin of our skull is very hard and strong but the skin on which beards grow is soft and thin.

To provide a nourishing and skin friendly oil treatment to nourish our beards BEARDO present “beardo Godfather lite beard and mustache oil.” It’s a combination of almond oil, aloe Vera extracts, castor oil, olive oil and premium mineral oils used to craft it. The oil is made of light and non-sticky formula to give you a soft and nourishing feel. You just have to put 3 to 4 drops of oil in your palm and put it on your beards and mustache gently and you are done. The beard oil will do its work and in a few weeks you will start noticing difference in the volume and strength of your beard.


  1. Beard & Mustache Wax

Beard wax is used to style and hold the beard in place. This means that you won’t be worrying about unkempt hair or one that is trying to get into your mouth whenever you are eating or talking. Instead you will have hair that looks nice and is more controlled. BEARDO mustache and beard wax is made up of quality ingredients which makes it the best wax available in the market. It’s made up with natural ingredients like beeswax, Shea butter jojoba oil and sweet orange essential oil that’s just not only helps maintaining the whiskers from jutting out everywhere but also gives a much fuller look.

Sometimes our beards will stick out too much on the sides or condense into the one spot.  While  you are out brushing your beard you can then apply wax. Rest assume that this beard will not be going anywhere. Take a small amount of beard wax in your palm, rub your palm so that the wax get warm and melts a bit then gently apply it to your beard and mustache and give your facial heir the look you want.


  1. Hair Wax

For men hair acts like an accessory for every occasion, whether it’s office, college, going out for movie or shopping. A perfect hairstyle for any occasion makes you comfortable and gives a very nice impression of yours to others. Having a good hairstyle is easy but keeping it in style for a whole day is difficult. To make sure your hairstyle stick to the place you wanted to stick it and in the very pattern without damaging your hair BEARDO hair wax comes as a life saver.

The wax consists of perfect balance of flexibility and durable hold for which ever hairstyle you pick. The most important feature of the wax is it does not damage your hair like other hair gels available in market. One just have to wet his hair a little and take a gentle amount of wax and put it in the palm, rub it to generate heat then apply it from root to tip of hair and shape it according to your preferred hairstyle. And there you have a perfect shine well groomed hair.

I am in love with their products and even you should check it at Beardo.

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Written by- Rishav Mishra.


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