WholeCut derby shoes Ft. Ivrah

A well dressed gentleman always keeps his shoes refined & shined. Shoes can make an outfit complete. Do you want to look sharp, suave and have that perfect pair of shoes? Let’s talk about WholeCut leather shoes from Ivrah official. Exquisitely crafted. Refined. Flawless. You will expect these words when you are spotted wearing a […]

Fat: Menace or a Miracle

From the above heading you would be thinking that “how fat could be a miracle for us”. Till the end of the article you will know the benefits of dietary fats and how important it is in our diet and for the functioning of our body. Since childhood we have been taught that don’t eat […]

Bold & Beardy ! FT. Beardo

Hello Guys, People say there are two types of men one those who are tiger, clean shaved, normal looking, satisfied with their life, like every other ordinary guy and then there comes lions with beards, long hair, always ready to hunt, take chances, explore. Life is a lion’s fight, so chin up. Put your shoulders […]