5 Basics Every Guy needs in his Wardrobe!

Gentlemen, is your wardrobe an assemblage of clothes & you’ve to pick out something prodigious as you have a date or a business meet. You will always have your favourite denim/chinos ready but what about your shirt/t-shirt. Basics is Fashion.

Pointing out the 5 basic mantra which compliments your personality:

1. White Shirt – The most versatile of all shirts and it looks spectacular on every guy. It’s one of the shirt you can wear on every occasion. It’s simple, sleek, and stylish. If carried properly, white is the perfect color for any man. Both buttons up & down shirt would look amazing.


2. Short/Long sleeve button-up Shirt – One of the best shirt that will match both your casual & formal look. Try not to wear something with a bunch of pockets, keep it decent. Length should be appropriate that you can wear both tucked or not being tucked.


3. Henley – The most masculine & flexible looking tee to wear. Great in all weather, just make sure it fits you perfectly.


4. Polo T-shirt – It holds the reputation for being business casual around the globe. A softer fabric which doesn’t stretch out would look nicer.


5. Plain white T-shirt – The best casual tee which can be paired with any of your outfits. Make sure it’s well fitted as sleeves should have triceps exposure. As they say pair Black/White with everything and anything it turns out to be good so be it plain t-shirt or under an open buttoned shirt or even under a vest coat.










So above were my easy, appealing and affordable look. At times basics can work wonder for you. Keep it subtle & classy. Thank you for taking time out to read this post, I hope you guys like it.

Happy reading!
Vikram Soni

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