10 Basic Styling/Fashion Tips for Men!

Here I am sitting chilling with a cup of coffee to get my thoughts run high and flow into this blog. It’s always hard to carry yourself around with busy schedule, so here are 10 quick fashion/Styling tips that would help you daily.

1. Make it Simple yet Significant – Wear things that looks simple yet great on you. For instance, working professionals can wear white shirt matched with blue trouser or chinos. Brown belt and brown shoes would go complimentary with that pair. College going can wear blue denim matched with white t-shirt and white loafers to go with. Don’t overdo by wearing flashy clothes! Keep it simple yet significant.

2. Fitting Matters – It is an important aspect when it comes to making your outfit look perfect on you. Most guys we see around wear loose clothes. Make sure your clothes are perfect to the size of your body not making it look too tight or too loose on you.

3. Accessorize Yourself – Accessories make the simple look even more smoother. A watch,a ring, etc. can make your look more attractive.

4. Don’t Follow the Trend – People nowadays go behind trend, what’s trending on in the market without thinking whether it will suit them or not. Half of such shopping stay in your wardrobe for years. This will save your money and help build versatile wardrobe.

5. Don’t run Behind Brands – Brand attraction is different and quality & style is different. Don’t spend huge bucks on brands when you can get same thing at less prices with same quality. Quality and style is more important, not the Brand.

6. Stay Trimmed – Always remember even if your fashion is of top notch but an untrimmed beard can be an attraction killer. Always stay trimmed and stay clean.

7. Don’t go alone for shopping – Never go alone for shopping. Always accompany yourself with a friend who can give you genuine review and of-course with lil’ fashion sense so that he can help you choose what suits best on you.

8. Experiment – Life is too short not to experiment. It is the only way you learn, so go out there try different new things, go out of your comfort zone and feel free. At times you might end up loving something you never thought you would. Express yourself and experiment yourself with some cool colors this summer.

9. Give yourself More Time – Always remember to invest in yourself first. Improve your fashion sense. It is an important mode of communication. Your style your fashion speaks more than you.

10. CONFIDENCE – One of the most important Factor is “Confidence”. Carry that confidence in you when you wear any outfit. It will make the most difference. If you’re confident enough in your Style you don’t need any brands to make u feel secure.

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Vikram Soni.

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